Indoor Gardening Seminars

Indoor gardening seminars

The world of indoor gardening is expanding. It’s not just potted plants anymore. It’s possible to grow your own leafy greens and herbs right in your own living room. If you have a group that would like to learn more about how to grow indoors, I would enjoy teaching them.

Choose what your group would like to learn:

  • Growing potted plants
    Learn about light requirements, temperature needs, watering, humidity, nutrients, and pests.
  • Growing edibles indoors
    Learn about soil-less gardening systems from a basic home-made version to ones you can purchase. Also learn how to grow micro-greens, indoors, in soil.
  • The overview
    Get a good sampling of growing potted plants, micro-greens, and soil-less gardening systems.

Email me at to talk about your training needs.

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