Two opportunities to hear about permaculture from Graham Towerton.


June 12 at 9am (EST), Graham will give a 1-hour overview of permaculture and how it can be beneficial to schools. Here’s the link to the 1-hour Zoom meeting.

June 26 at 9am (EST), Graham will give a full, 2-hour premaculture training session.Here’s the link for the 2-hour training Zoom meeting.


Graham Towerton Permaculture DesignerGraham Towerton is the founder and CEO of Permaculture Adventures. Permaculture Adventures provides design, consulting and landscape installation in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Texas and Alberta, Canada.

Graham hails from Australia and also enjoys US citizenship after moving to the US in 2001. Graham first learned about permaculture in Australia in the early 1980’s while in high school and working on his parents’ farm in sub-tropical Queensland. He has always applied permaculture principles on his own properties, whether small or large, in Australia and the US. Graham obtained his Permaculture Design Certificate from Geoff Lawton’s Permaculture Research Institute of Australia in 2021. He has since provided two years of design, consultation, and installation services as a contractor for Food Forest Abundance with over 60 designs completed in 4 countries and over 300 consultations spanning 16 countries.


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