Soil-less Classroom Gardening

Students enjoying soil-less gardening in their classroom.

Growing edibles in your classroom provides students the opportunity to learn by doing. A student who plants a seed and watches it sprout, taking care of the plant and participating in the harvest will, more-than-likely, try what they grew. In many cases, the student will like the fresh produce because it just tastes better than what was purchased at the grocery store. Soil-less gardening can also be incorporated into the academic curriculum, giving students a unique way to learn English, science, math, and life skills by growing veggies in the classroom.

Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ Classroom Benefits

Tower Garden Soil-less gardening system

A Tower Garden by Juice Plus+ is a soil-less growing system (aeroponic). Using just water and a nutrient called Mineral Blend, a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be grown. The system takes up only about 3 square feet of floor space and can easily be rolled around the classroom. Most types of lettuces and herbs grow quickly and simply in a classroom.

The Tower Gardens have been a wonderful educational tool for our classrooms and I appreciate Steve’s work greatly!

Dr. David Hoffert – Superintendent
Warsaw Community Schools
Warsaw, Indiana

Find out more about a Tower Garden in the classroom and how to purchase a Tower Garden.

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