Tower Garden Curriculum for School Classrooms

Tower Garden Classroom Curriculum

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We’ve developed a curriculum that matches many state academic standards in English, math, and science. Each curriculum goes through a 6-week growing cycle taking students from building the Tower Garden to planting seeds through to a salad party. The curriculum covers more than science. Various parts of the Tower Garden and procedures to care for the plants are used to cover math and English standards.

Tower Garden Seedling Cube 3-D Printer File

STL file for seedling cube shown in the rockwool seed starting procedure

Tower Garden Curriculum

Tower Garden Curriculum for Kindergarten
Tower Garden Curriculum for the First Grade
Tower Garden Curriculum for the Second Grade
Tower Garden Curriculum for the Third Grade
Tower Garden Curriculum–Compare Three Growing Machines
Tower Garden Curriculum–Teach Ordinal Numbers

Tower Garden Curriculum for Life Skills

This is a 7-week Tower Garden curriculum is based on New York’s Social Emotional Learning standards for 9th-12th graders. For more about the curriculum and to purchase go to Tower Garden Curriculum for High School Students on my Teachers Pay Teachers store. Curriculum created by Steve Koontz, Keep It Watered, with the help of Dr. Rebecca Reynolds M.A., EdD,

STEM Gardeners Tower Garden Inquiry Curriculum

Download the Tower Garden Inquiry Curriculum
This curriculum was prepared by Colleen Perfect, B.S., former high school science teacher, mom of two, avid indoor tower gardener and Ted Fowler, Ed.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Cincinnati, College of Education, Office of Education Innovations and Community Partnerships: Development of STEM education outreach programs and collaborative community efforts, Core team member for Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaboration, Co-director of the Southwest Hub of the Ohio STEM Learning Network, Director of Youth Futures Center. The authors wish to thank Greater Cincinnati STEM Collaborative ( for the opportunity to write this curriculum.

Green Bronx Machine Tower Garden Curriculum

Download the Green Bronx Machine Tower Garden Curriculum
Tower Garden and curriculum can be purchased separately. Email for purchasing information.

There also are science lessons made available by Tower Garden.

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