An Indoor Classroom Garden using a Tower Garden

Tower Garden School Classroom

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Kids learn best by doing. Growing lettuces and herbs right in your indoor classroom garden will give your kids the hands-on experience of planting seeds, taking care of the plants, then harvesting and eating what they’ve grown.

What’s a Tower Garden?

A Tower Garden is a soil-less growing system (aeroponic). Using just water and a nutrient called Mineral Blend, a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, and herbs can be grown. The system takes up only about 3 square feet of floor space and can easily be  rolled around the classroom when needed.

Most types of Lettuces and herbs grow quickly and easily in a classroom.

Teach More Than Science on a Tower Garden

Growing on a Tower Garden gives your students the opportunity to plant the seeds, watch them sprout, and take care of the seedlings until they’re placed into the Tower Garden. Once in the Tower Garden, the weekly maintenance is all it takes to complete the growing cycle. Not only science, but math, English, and other areas can be taught.

Eat What You Grow on a Tower Garden

Once plants have matured, your students will be able to harvest and eat what they’ve grown right in their own classroom. I had a teacher tell me her students would eat lettuce they grew on a Tower Garden even though they wouldn’t touch the lettuce on their food tray.  It’s true that if you grow it, you’ll eat it.

Tower Garden Curriculum

A broad range of Tower Garden curriculum is available to help you in your classroom.

Tower Garden Grants

Tower Gardens qualify for many local and national grants.

Need Tower Garden Supplies?

If you don’t have a distributor and need supplies, you can download the Tower Garden School Order Form. If you need help knowing what supplies to purchase, email me at

Learn More…

Find out where to buy a Tower Garden and Which Tower Garden is Best for My Classroom.

Confused about which Tower Garden to purchase? Having trouble finding grant opportunities? Need a quote for a grant application? Email me at to arrange a time to talk.

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