Tower Garden Training and Support for Schools

Tower Garden Teacher Training

Were you excited to purchase Tower Gardens, but feel there’s more you can do with them? I can help with in-person Tower Garden training and support.

Contact me at for more information and to sign up for training and support.


Learn how to best incorporate your Tower Gardens into your classroom. This 3-hour, in-person, training will give you hands-on experience assembling your Tower Gardens, planting seeds, maintaining the plants once they’re in the Tower Garden, and incorporating Tower Garden curriculum into your growing experience.

Number of Participants

Suggested number of participants is 10 per each Tower Garden that’s available for training. An unlimited number of participants is allowed, but learning is better with a smaller group.


The 3-hour training session is $500 plus transportation from Warsaw, Indiana. Transportation will be estimated as we discuss the training.

Training Includes One Year of Tower Garden Support

One year of email and phone support is included in the price of the training. The one year starts from the day of training.

If Tower Gardens are purchased through Keep It Watered, the training is included in the purchase of the Tower Gardens. (Transportation is extra.) One year of support is also included in the price from the time of purchase.

Tower Garden Support Without Training

Get help when you need it with your school’s Tower Gardens. Support is available through email, text, and phone call.

1-3 Tower Gardens = $100 per year
4-6 Tower Gardens = $300 per year
7-9 Tower Gardens = $500 per year
10 or more Tower Gardens = $700 per year

I started growing on a Tower Garden in 2012. In 2015 I began selling and supporting Tower Gardens in schools. Since then I’ve helped schools throughout Indiana and across the country successfully incorporate Tower Gardens into their classrooms. Read more of my story.

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