Transform Your School’s Lawn into a Food Forest

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Transform part of your school property into a living, learning lab that grows food for your school cafeteria while teaching students about edible gardening.

Learn all about a Food Forest during a free strategy session with Graham Towerton, a Certified Permaculture Designer.

Why Grow Food on Your School Property?


Save your school money in food costs.

A food forest provides a sustainable and abundant source of fresh produce, reducing the need to purchase food for your cafeteria.


Your students will eat healthier!

Food forests can enhance biodiversity, protect soil and water, promote beneficial insects, and provide healthy food without the use of harmful GMOs and pesticides.



Teach your students!

Food forests will teach students sustainable agriculture, English, science, and math while instilling in them a love for growing their own fresh produce.

Food Forest Installation in St. Cloud, Florida, School

Your Lawn and Your Community

Food forests aren’t just for schools. Your lawn or community property can become a food producing forest.

Grow your own permanent edible landscape through our design & installation services. Food forests are easy to maintain and produce more healthy food over time.

Book your FREE Food Forest strategy session with Graham Towerton, a Certified Permaculture Designer.

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