Tower Garden Maintenance

Initial Tower Garden Setup

When you first fill the Tower Garden tank, pour 200ml of Mineral Blend A and 200ml of Mineral Blend B in the tank. Turn on the pump to mix the water.

Use the pH test kit to test the pH of the water in the tub. Put 5 ml of water from the Tower Garden into the vial. Drip 5 drops of the solution into the vial and compare the color with the test strip. The pH should be within 5 and 7. Use about 10 ml of the pH Up or pH Down as needed to bring the pH to the correct number. (Further Instructions come with the test kit.) If the pH isn’t correct after a few tries, continue to run the Tower Garden and re-check in a few days. If the pH still isn’t correct, just see how the plants grow. Learn more about how pH in your Tower Garden effects plants.

Weekly Maintenance

The weekly maintenance for indoor growing is usually very consistent. The only change is that as the plants grow, they’ll use more water.

A regular, outdoor watering can, that’s about 2 gallons, will work well to refill the tub. Don’t use softened water or very hard water.

Once the water is added, measure out 50 ml of Tower Tonic A and 50 ml of Tower Tonic B for every full watering can poured into the Tower Garden. Add the Tower Tonic separately.  (Don’t mix them before pouring into the Tower Garden.) Run the pump for a few minutes to mix the water, then check and balance the pH.

Tower Garden Frequently Asked Questions

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