If you’re looking for help deciding what to purchase for your classroom, see Which Tower Garden is Best for My Classroom?

It can be confusing deciding which Tower Garden is best to buy. Here’s a brief rundown of the differences between the two.

Tower Garden Home

Tower Garden Home

Although the Tower Garden Home can be used outdoors, it’s primarily designed for indoor growing.

It comes with a light kit which is essential for growing indoors. At 13 gallons the tank is smaller than the 20-gallon Flex so it takes up a little less space than the Tower Garden Flex. The top two sections in the Tower Garden Home are designed for growing 16 mini-greens. These pots are good for quick-growing crops like lettuces. The bottom 16 pots can grow your herbs, lettuces, and other crops that take longer to grow. The Home also comes with a float letting you know when the water tank needs re-filled and built-in wheels making it easy to move around the house. Find out more and purchase the Tower Garden Home.

It’s not impossible to grow fruiting crops like tomatoes inside on a Tower Garden, but it can be difficult.

Tower Garden Flex

Tower Garden Flex

The Tower Garden Flex can be used indoors, but it’s primarily designed for outdoor growing. It does NOT come with a light kit, a float to let you know when the water needs re-filled, and built-in wheels. The tank holds 20 gallons of water. This is ideal for outdoor growing since water will evaporate quicker outdoors than indoors. 20 full-size plants can be grown (8 more with the optional extension.)

The light-kit can be purchased separately to allow indoor growing. There’s also a dolly that can be purchased to make it easier to move the Tower Garden if it’s on your porch or in your home. Growing outdoors opens up plants that need full sun and pollination like tomatoes, watermelon, and cantaloupe, along with lettuces and herbs. Find out more and purchase the Tower Garden Flex.

Here’s a full list of plants that can be grown on a Tower Garden.


Which Tower Garden is best for you?

That decision depends on your needs. If you’ll be growing outdoors, then buy the Tower Garden Flex. Since it doesn’t come with a light kit, it’ll be cheaper and do a great job of growing outdoors. If you’re growing indoors, than either Tower Garden will work for you. (You can purchase the light kit separately and it fits on both the Home and the Flex.)  If you have a small space than the Tower Garden Home would be best. If you have the room, don’t need the ability to grow mini-greens, then the Tower Garden Flex would be best. Just purchase the optional light kit and Tower Garden dolly.

Both options come with enough supplies for one growing cycle. (One round of lettuce, tomatoes, etc.) You can purchase extra Mineral Blend, rockwool, and pH kit when you initially purchase the Tower Garden or wait until you need more. Since shipping is included in the cost there’s no savings to purchasing everything together.

To find out more and order visit my Tower Garden website. If you have any questions or are a school, email me at steve@keepitwatered.com.

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