Which Tower Garden is Best for My Classroom?


Which Tower Garden is right for your classroom?There are two Tower Gardens available, plus several add-ons that can be purchased. What is right for your classroom? Here’s what I normally recommend to a teacher who wants to grow in a classroom.

To get you started with enough hardware and supplies for one Tower Garden growing cycle.

Tower Garden Flex
Tower Garden LED Indoor Grow Lights (Needed for indoor gardening)
Tower Garden Extension Kit (Allows you to grow 8 more plants bringing the total plants to 28)
Tower Garden Flex Dolly (Allows you to roll the Tower Garden to another location)

Extra Tower Garden supplies to grow for a year

Tower Garden Mineral Blend
Tower Garden Lower pH Kit (Plants tend to raise the pH, so you’ll most likely need to lower the pH more than have to raise it.)
Tower Garden Growing Clips (For 3rd grade and up, the growing clips can be much easier to use than the netpots that come with the Tower Gardens.)

Here’s the United States Tower Garden School Order Form with these items already selected.
Here’s the Canadian Tower Garden School Order Form


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